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"wit n the ability to relate seemingly disparate things so as to illuminate or amuse; an imaginatively perceptive and articulate individual..."

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About Our Teacher, Thomas Christopher

Thomas (TC) Christopher, is a part time writer, speaker, storyteller, poet and web entrepreneur. He offers T-shirt designs for the witty at Witty Self-Expression . Currently he is developing a series of ebooks, teleseminars, and workshops on public speaking style and humor, including: Creating Memorable Speeches, Humorous Plays on Words, and Easy Humor.

He was a professor of computer science for 20 years at Illinois Institute of Technology before resigning to write books full time. In spare moments, he is a contra dancer and choreographer, a public speaker (holding an ATM-G in Toastmasters - their highest speaking rank), and a Unitarian Universalist lay preacher.

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Make Them Want to Quote You: 
Become Famous for Your Cool Sayings and Meaningful Quotes

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These articles from ToWit, a limited circulation ezine on how to be witty, explain actual procedures for making people want to memorize what you say so that they can quote you. For titles, for headlines, for ads, for slogans, for take-away lines and applause lines in speeches, for sparkle in your writing, for T-shirts, mugs, and bumper stickers, and more, you need to be able to craft a "phrase that pays." This book shows you how. Give people ideas they cannot forget in words they will love to repeat. Become famous for your own cool sayings and meaningful quotes.

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